How Does Gay Male Chastity Work for Beginners?

How You Can Maintain the Best Gay Male Chastity Now

The Gay male chastity game is a sexual technique promoted by a sexologist, a psychotherapist specializing in the couple relationship, who noticed that the sexual life of his patients was reborn after practicing this sexual play based on postponing sexual pleasure.

Sexual fulfillment is not about the pleasure you get immediately, but about how you understand your partner’s teasing and obey “torture” to forbid you to reach orgasm, explains sexologist for Woman’s Health. She believes the technique of postponing orgasm helps couples discover that sexual pleasure is all the more intense and the play of seduction more beautiful when we refuse immediate satisfaction of sexual desires, leaving them to develop, the technique being widely depicted.

  • Practicing chastity through cock cages have existed for centuries that refer to abstaining from sexual stimulation, but also to giving someone else control over your sexual needs, the latter being called” the key holder ” The game of chastity does not mean total abstinence, as the phrase might suggest, but it refers to how we can get more intense orgasms that last longer, but also to control your own sexual needs so that it does not you have a clue when your partner will allow you to enjoy the denied orgasm.
  • The game of castigation does not oblige gatherer wearing a belt of chastity, although such products exist and can be purchased, but this technique can be put into practice simply by self-will and self-reliance, and the satisfaction will be even greater (among many other benefits of chastity), the sexologist points out. The partner who chooses to deny his / her sexual pleasure for a certain period of time will have to ensure that the couple does not meet sexual intercourse until he / she is allowed, as the partner decides it will happen.
  • After a period of abstinence, sexual release must not necessarily take place during a classic sexual act, but it may also mean that the key holder can decide that the partner will be self-satisfied while he is looking. Partners can also exchange roles at any time, and the dominated one (the key holder), depending on what they decide by mutual agreement. Rules for Beginners Being a new experience, the sexologist recommends that in the beginning partners practice this chastity game for shorter periods of time, a few days, and a recommended rule even more for those who choose to wear a chastity belt in this time.

For the moment the key holder decides to end the abstinence period, it would be ideal to book a hotel room to change the dainty décor of the bedroom. Once you are allowed to reach orgasm, regardless of the way the key holder chooses, you decide whether you will continue the game of chastity for another period of time that you will establish together. This time you increase the amount of time. Only the idea that you will not have the right to have sex will cause sexual tension to be impossible, says the American sexologist.

Game of chastity can also be practiced if you are alone, provided you sign an agreement with your own person committing yourself not to engage in any sexual or other sexual activity during the set period. The sexologist states that he had clients who preferred to wear a belt of chastity and to send their key by mail at the date set for sexual release, precisely to avoid being tempted to meet or have sex with a person in the period abstinence. During this time, you can increase your sexual tension by watching erotic movies or adult magazines, but without satisfying you in any way. How to Increase Sexual Tension Married couples need to look at chastity as a technique designed to spice their sexual life, not as a perversion, warns the sexologist. It is important that both partners feel that they have had something to gain from such an experience, not that one has been used for the pleasure of the other. Of course, the technique should not imply the use of a belt of chastity if one of the partners thinks it is too much for him but can only continue on the basis of mutual trust, doubled by a great deal of self-will and will. During the period of abstinence, partners can tease, make sex hints, talk about their sexual fantasies, and how they want to have sex, watch erotic movies together, etc. It is important that sexual tension grows almost unbearable, says the sexologist. If chastity becomes too challenging, read our article here for practical tips.

Experience Report on Chastity Cage for Men

Anyone who wants to gain experience with chastity belts and cages that can lock the cock should take a closer look at this Cock Cage. The cheapest model is made for all curious and beginners in the topic of pleasure control.

The penis cage is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 3.5 centimeters with a length of about 10 centimeters, In addition, three cock rings are included, which serve the default values in the sizes 4 centimeters, 4.5 centimeters, and 5.5 centimeters. This penis cage is secured by a lock to which two keys are supplied. In terms of optics, the cage does not completely enclose the penis, but over various bars. Thus, at any time free insight is granted and in a continuous use can even be done cleaning the penis through the cage.

Good workmanship, comfortable to wear

The chastity belt for men has no sharp edges or corners and can, therefore, be used safely. Due to its special shape, which holds the penis firmly in place, but also conveys a sense of airiness due to the light lattice structure, this penis cage is perfect for beginners. The included cock rings also feel valuably processed and sit comfortably. The donning is completely easy, although it is easy even with a little practice – that’s probably the case with all penile cages.

Slight bruising possible

The basket is not firmly attached to the cock ring – this can sometimes lead to painful bruising when some skin gets between these points. Therefore, this penile cage is not ideally suited to carry over several days and weeks. However, it can also be remedied by simply attaching the basket to the ring with the help of a screw and a thread – but even slight bruises can be well integrated into the erotic game with careless movements.

Perfect for All Beginners

If you ever want to experience the feeling of total loss of control over your own sexuality, the chastity belt for men is a good start. Our favorite is characterized not only by its very reasonable price, but also by a high-quality workmanship. No edges and no burrs are visible; all parts are handled so carefully that no injuries can occur. Only the danger of slight bruising is given if some skin should get between the cock ring and the cage – however this is not a problem, if the movements are respected and the cage is only worn by the hour. Overall, it can be said that this penile cage excellent opportunity is to get a taste of the different role-playing games. It’s also worth trying out for the price. Therefore, we can accord our comparison, the chastity belt for men pronounce an unrestricted purchase recommendation.