Are Kegel Exercises Safe?

Kegel exercises (also called pelvic floor exercises) are designed to strengthen the muscles of the perineum, particularly used during pregnancy and childbirth, and thus avoid problems of incontinence. They are easy to do, at any time of the day and anywhere. Here, in 10 points, how to make them correctly.

The pelvic floor consists of a set of muscles and ligaments that serve to support the lower end of the digestive, urinary and genital tract; they also intervene in the voluntary contraction of the sphincters. To be able to ensure their role perfectly, these muscles must have the appropriate tonus and elasticity.

Pregnancy (especially during the last few weeks because of the weight of the child) and childbirth put a strain on the muscles of the perineum, which tend to relax. This can eventually lead to problems of urinary incontinence, that is, loss of urine and frequent urge to use the toilet. All you need to know is What are vaginal weights?

Kegel exercises: what is it?

Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. To be effective, they are to be performed regularly, every day, throughout life (not just during pregnancy or after delivery). Because they involve internal muscles, they can be practiced anywhere and in any position: sitting, waiting for the bus, washing dishes or watching TV.

By strengthening the muscles of the vagina, Kegel exercises also make them more sensitive, resulting in an intensification of orgasm during sex.

Kegel exercises: how to identify muscles to work?

It can happen, when doing the Kegel exercises for the first time, usually during pregnancy, that one is mistaken and that, unwittingly, one works the abdomen or the hips instead of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Also, before starting a series of exercises, make sure you have identified the muscles to work:

  • The muscles of the perineum are those that you contract when you go to the bathroom and you stop the flow of urine
  • You can also feel them by inserting a finger into the vagina and tightening the muscles as if you want to stop the flow of urine.

In all cases, the hip and abdominal muscles should be relaxed.

Kegel exercises: how to do them correctly?

  • Before you begin, empty your bladder, then settle down. The best place to do Kegel exercises is to sit or lie down, but since these are very easy exercises, you can do them in any position.
  • Kegel exercises consist of successively contracting and releasing the pelvic floor muscles. Begin by contracting the muscles for 4 seconds as if you were urinating and you wanted to stop the flow of urine). Then release the muscle completely for another 4 seconds.
  • Repeat both movements at least 10 times in a row and 5 times a day.
  • You should never perform Kegel exercises when you urinate.
  • You will start recording the first results after 4 to 6 weeks of practice and a real improvement after 3 to 6 months.
  • At no time should you feel pain in your abdomen or back while doing your exercises. If so, you are not doing them properly.
  • Avoid holding your breath or contracting the chest while doing the Kegel exercises. Relax and concentrate on the perineal muscles.
  • It is important to practice these exercises regularly, every day and throughout your life.
  • Be careful not to exaggerate either in practice Kegel exercises because it could cause muscle fatigue and produce the opposite effect: urinary leakage.
  • The realization times that we have indicated are variable. You can also do the exercises 2 times a day for 5 minutes in a row or 4 times a day, instead of 5, taking 5 seconds instead of 4. The important thing is that between contraction and relaxation of the muscles, this activity will not take you more than 10 minutes a day.

In the end, in the face of the slightest doubt about performing Kegel exercises and strengthening the perineum, consult your midwife who is the reference health professional for pregnant women and young mothers!

What is the principle of vaginal cones?

The vaginal cones are for all women who suffer from incontinence, and who wish to regain control of their perineum, to avoid these small inconveniences and their consequences. The principle of the cones is very simple: once inserted into the vagina it will be necessary to stand up and contract the muscles of the perineum to prevent the weight from falling.

How to start the exercises for the perineum?

As professionals told you, vaginal cones are marketed in the form of a complete set. Often, the cones are the same size, but have different weights. It will therefore be necessary to start the exercises with the cone of the lightest weight. As soon as your perineum has recovered in strength and tone, you will have to go to the higher weight and so on to reach the highest weight.

But to whom are the vaginal cones addressed?

The vaginal cones are for all women who want to regain control of their perineum, and / or maintain the strength of the latter. Therefore, this device can be used periodically by young women who want to maintain good continence, but also by women during menopause, who suffer from urinary leakage.

Note that the vaginal cones can also be used by women sports, because remember, the sport is not without impact on the muscles of the perineum.

Vaginal cones or geisha balls

Many women often ask themselves whether one device or the other is better? To tell the truth, there is not one device that is preferable to the other, and everything will depend on the objective sought. That is why women should be given the option to choose. You can head over at and choose the best one that suits you.

While the Chinese balls will work on the strength of the pelvic muscles but also on the sensitivity, the vaginal cones will be more focused on the strength of the muscles of the perineum and incontinence. Ideally, the two devices can be used in complements, and successively.

Hope now you can have a good perineal rehabilitation!

Does Pelvic Training Resolve Prostate Problems?

Bladder weakness is a problem that affects men, although less frequently, as well as women. In men, the distressing symptoms are often related to the prostate. The involuntary loss of urine occurs suddenly and surprisingly, but often there is a long history behind the suffering. First alerts are more frequent toilet calls. Although the urge to urinate is great, urinating is often difficult and requires more time than before.

Common cause: a prostate enlargement

One possible and common cause of this problem is enlargement of the prostate gland, which is also referred to as the prostate gland. The medical term for this disorder is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

The prostate is located in the pelvis of the man at the junction of the bladder to the urethra and surrounds the urethra. If the prostate is enlarged, push it on the bladder. This effect requires men over 50 years. For from this age, a prostate enlargement occurs relatively frequently. Presumably, this change has to do with a decline in the production of the male sex hormone androgen. In men over 60, every second person is already affected by a benign enlargement of the prostate gland and, as a result, often by a disturbance of urination.

Slight enlargements of the prostate gland usually do not cause complaints when going to the toilet. However, if the prostate continues to grow, it can narrow the urethra to such a degree over time that serious disruption occurs. Due to the narrowing, the bladder can no longer empty properly and completely. Inflammation and bladder stones are more common.

A clear indication of an enlargement of the prostate and associated bladder problems is a change in the urine stream: It is no longer arched and wide, but increasingly flattens off, so to speak, until it finally comes to “shoe peeing”. With a very large enlargement of the prostate even a dangerous complete urinary barrier can occur. The urgency also changes – he is more frequent, especially at night. People often feel that their bladder is not completely empty. If the disease progresses, there is a so-called overflow incontinence due to an enlarged prostate gland.

The quality of life can suffer severely, as can the kidneys, whose tissue can be seriously damaged by the backlog of urine. Therefore, it is even more important to go to the doctor at the first sign of prostate enlargement and associated bladder problems! The urologist can determine a gland enlargement by a palpation examination. If treatment is needed, medicines are first used to inhibit the growth of the prostate. Surgery is needed only at an advanced stage.

Few men dare openly discuss this topic with their doctor. Yet by having regular control of their prostate and adopting some dietary rules, better protection against cancer is possible.

How to take care of your prostate

Prostate problems are rarely at the heart of GP consultation. Why? This is the question that the Association of Urology has tried to answer through a survey conducted by experts. The results speak for themselves. As per the report prostate exercises help to keep the organ healthy upto large extent. Also, one way of taking care of your prostate is to give it regular massages. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, head over to this article and see for yourself:

The prostate, an organ linked to manhood

For most men, the prostate is an organ associated with the values of youth, virility, fertility, sexuality, pleasure. To talk to his doctor is to wrongly admit the end of the golden age of seduction. Men have the impression that GPs feel helpless and do not spontaneously address the subject during the consultation.

Early detection of prostate cancer is slowly developing

This seems to explain the passivity of the male audience towards this genital gland. As a result, there is a lack of awareness of the rules to be put in place to protect it, and spontaneous and individual early detection is developing too slowly.

Prostate, what is it for?

Approximately the size of a walnut, the healthy prostate produces the liquid constituting the sperm. It is located under the bladder, in front of the rectum. It is crossed by the urethra channel, which evacuates urine during urination and carries sperm during ejaculation. This position explains the urinary problems related to prostate diseases: benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) or prostate adenoma, prostatitis and cancer. These pathologies vary in incidence according to age.

Screening for prostate cancer

Contrary to what some men think, prostate cancer gives no symptoms. When they appear, it is because the cancer has metastasized. This is why regular early detection is essential.

Detect prostate cancer as early as possible

The sooner we detect cancer, the greater the chances of opting for less aggressive treatment, the better the results, says the urologists.  Obviously, this early detection is only rational if the treatment is adapted to the type of cancer that we find. The detection of small cancers does not require any treatment. The objective is therefore to detect the only forms of clinical importance, by identifying the tumours whose natural evolution will spare the patient.

Prostate cancer screening must be annual

According to the recommendations of the urologists, all men aged 50 to 75 years must perform an annual screening including a PSA (prostate specific antigen) and a digital rectal examination. If you have a family history father or brother who has had prostate cancer or if you are of African or Caribbean birth, screening is recommended from 45 years. Thanks to this regular check, it is possible to detect cancer cells as soon as possible and to determine the appropriate treatment.

Preventing Prostate Cancer: The Benefits of Selenium, Vitamin E and Soy

Beyond screening, a number of rules of food hygiene can act favourably in terms of health. Let’s take stock of interesting foods in this area.

Preventing Prostate Cancer: Boost Your Selenium and Vitamin E Additions

Selenium and vitamin E are two powerful antioxidants. Studies show that these nutrients could have a protective effect in preventing the risk of prostate cancer. A first study carried out in 1996, confirmed by other results since, already showed that selenium would reduce this risk by 63%. According to another study of Vitamin E and beta-carotene supplements, vitamin E was associated with a 32% reduction in the incidence of prostate cancer. To clearly confirm this correlation, a trial, called the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial, is currently underway in the US. The results should be published around this year.

Preventing Prostate Cancer: Some Foods to Focus on

To boost your selenium reserves, choose nuts, yeast, fish and seafood (oysters, tuna, herring, and shrimp) and chicken liver. As for vitamin E, it is found in nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, vegetables (asparagus, spinach, corn, and carrots), vegetable oils (sunflower, olive) and egg yolk. Supplementation may be necessary for some men. Ask your doctor.

Preventing Prostate Cancer: Choose Soy

Asians suffer much less from prostate cancer than Europeans and Americans. However, when the first emigrate, their cancer rate meets that of local populations. Hence the idea that a diet rich in phyto-oestrogens, especially isoflavones, can reduce the risk of cancer is not completely true. The best way to consume isoflavones is soy. However, to obtain a real effect, it must be consumed very regularly and in sufficient quantities, such as soy flour, soy milk, tofu or tempeh.

Taking a Swing of New Sex Sling Positions for a Sexier Night with Your SO

The moments of intimacy are part of the life of an adult runner; it is a moment of total pleasure and enjoyment.Running can positively affect your relationships, and one of these benefits is the ability to perform positions that present a physical requirement a bit higher than the classic positions.

Stronger and stronger legs, strengthened core muscles and a heart accustomed to beating to the maximum are perfect ingredients for you to have greater variety in your intimate relationships.Undoubtedly, running allows some forms of intimacy that seemed impossible, to be much more possible.Therefore, below you will get some perfect positions for runners and experts recommend you to try immediately.

Why are they perfect for runners? On the one hand, they will only be possible if you are well trained and have a series of physical abilities typical of the runner.

On the other hand, it can be a good way to burn calories and do a perfect cross training session to prevent injuries and improve your performance. Although it’s probably better if you do not say this in public or they’re going to call you “freakys”. Without further words, you need to browse the following pages and discover the most beneficial positions for runners.

The Swing

Also known as the swing position, it requires some elasticity and physical strength. It is a position that will test your hips (especially your gluts). The man leans on his back with his feet resting on the floor; knees bent pointing up and lift his hips off the ground making a kind of bridge with his back leaving the woman to sit seated on top of him.The man will be responsible for the movements while she stays in balance. It is recommended to make it on the floor instead of the bed to have a more solid base.

The Sentom

The squats are an exercise known by most people. Squats shape your legs, give shape and volume to your buttocks, they are an exercise that not only requires your legs, but also a large part of the muscle groups, so it helps you burn more calories.

In this position, the man is standing and holding the woman by the back so that she is suspended in the air and surrounds him with her legs around the waist.If you are very strong, you can lower as when you do during a squat.


This position will be a challenge for both people, making it a perfect position for runner pairs or where both are trained.The woman will have to do a lot of strength with her arms, shoulders and pectorals; the man or who performs the penetration must have good strength in his legs.

Hips at Maximum

This position will be perfect for the woman or who is being penetrated; the woman should make good sit on the man and perform a good part of the movements.It will demand the most of your legs and the opening of your hips. This is really demanding position for them.

Love Swing is a swing of erotic love to hang on the roof or code structures. It consists of adjustable and ultra-resistant leopard harnesses, made with excellent finishes in addition to seats and harnesses for feet. Everything is to share with your partner or whoever you want.

The new Love Swing, swing of love, brings complete tutoringguidebook, ready to install, use and enjoy, in addition to a manual of ideal sexual positions for this furniture.

It is also excellent to exercise and practice with your partner different positions, innovating and challenging new sexual challenges. This love swing can be used with your partner, friends or even in a swinger club, ideal for entertaining parties and daring guests in addition to excellent furniture for motels and daring hotels.

Expert suggests for Love Swing the universal support for Love Swing, a resistant metal structure that allows you to carry your love swing wherever and whenever you want in addition to serving an excellent suspension exercise station as barbell push-ups.

This sex harness, Love Swing which is available at is made of ultra-resistant neoprene, black and high-tech textiles to support hours of pleasure and games. Do not fail to impress with this new concept of entertainment for adults, with the erotic swing Love Swing you will leave everyone with their mouths open!


Suggested Intermediary for: Couples or Group

Attributes: Entertaining, versatile, Innovative, exerciser


  • You can make hundreds of positions.
  • Easy to install no special tools are required.
  • Completely adjustable
  • It can be used alone or as a couple.
  • Instruction manual is written in English and positions included.
  • Soft leopard velvet straps for feet, ankles, hips or thighs.
  • Calmly resists 100 kg with installed spring and up to 200 kg with chains.
  • Ultra-resistant steel pendants and springs
  • Ideal for masturbation, oral sex and relationships between two!
  • It can be installed directly on the door frame or some weight resistant structure.


  • Classification: Erotic Furniture
  • Colors: Full black or Leopard.
  • Packaging dimension 37 cms x 10 cms x 18cms
  • Total weight: 8.3 kg.
  • Total weight with packing: 8.39 kg.
  • Made of padded neoprene, nylon, metal and ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).
  • Warranty: 3 months.

Precautions and recommendations:

  • Take into account the weight capacities of the product. (100-200 kg)
  • Do not remove the hanging hook once it has been put on. If you are not sure how and where to install it, be sure to hire someone who knows about installations.
  • Completely washable
  • Instruction manual in English.
  • Hang on structures that support a lot of weight and movement.
  • Expert recommends the universal Sex Swing Stand by professionals.
  • Original description of the manufacturer
  • Fully adjustable sex harness lets you act out your wildest fantasies
  • Includes hanging hardware and instruction manual for easy setup
  • Comfortable neoprene cushioned seat, back and foot supports keep the action going
  • The product supplies comes with absolute and entirely assembled boxes
  • It also include a manual of Love positions to get you started

Learn to respect the spirit of BDSM: sincerity, tolerance, openness, courtesy, respect. Remember that to be respected, one must first respect oneself and respect others.

Be aware that everyone has their own style. And never forget that your submissive partner is not inferior to you, it is complementary to you.

How Does Gay Male Chastity Work for Beginners?

How You Can Maintain the Best Gay male chastity Now

The Gay male chastity game is a sexual technique promoted by sexologist, a psychotherapist specializing in the couple relationship, who noticed that the sexual life of his patients reborn after practicing this sexual play based on postponing sexual pleasure.

Sexual fulfillment is not about the pleasure you get immediately, but about how you understand your partner’s teasing and obey “torture” to forbid you to reach orgasm, explains sexologist for Woman’s Health. She believes the technique of postponing orgasm helps couples discover that sexual pleasure is all the more intense and the play of seduction more beautiful when we refuse immediate satisfaction of sexual desires, leaving them to develop, the technique being widely depicted.

  • The game of chastity is inspired by practices that have existed for centuries that refer to abstaining from sexual stimulation, but also to giving someone else control over your sexual needs, the latter being called” the key holder ” The game of chastity does not mean total abstinence, as the phrase might suggest, but it refers to how we can get more intense orgasms that last longer, but also to control your own sexual needs so that it does not you have a clue when your partner will allow you to enjoy the denied orgasm.
  • The game of castigation does not oblige gatherer wearing a belt of chastity, although such products exist and can be purchased, but this technique can be put into practice simply by self-will and self-reliance, and the satisfaction will be even greater, the sexologist points out. The partner who chooses to deny his / her sexual pleasure for a certain period of time will have to ensure that the couple does not meet sexual intercourse until he / she is allowed, as the partner decides it will happen.
  • After a period of abstinence, sexual release must not necessarily take place during a classic sexual act, but it may also mean that the key holder can decide that the partner will be self-satisfied while he is looking. Partners can also exchange roles at any time, and the dominated one (the key holder), depending on what they decide by mutual agreement. Rules for Beginners Being a new experience, the sexologist recommends that in the beginning partners practice this chastity game for shorter periods of time, a few days, and a recommended rule even more for those who choose to wear a chastity belt in this time.

For the moment the key holder decides to end the abstinence period, it would be ideal to book a hotel room to change the dainty décor of the bedroom. Once you are allowed to reach orgasm, regardless of the way the key holder chooses, you decide whether you will continue the game of chastity for another period of time that you will establish together. This time you increase the amount of time. Only the idea that you will not have the right to have sex will cause sexual tension to be impossible, says the American sexologist.

Game of chastity can also be practiced if you are alone, provided you sign an agreement with your own person committing yourself not to engage in any sexual or other sexual activity during the set period. The sexologist states that he had clients who preferred to wear a belt of chastity and to send their key by mail at the date set for sexual release, precisely to avoid being tempted to meet or have sex with a person in the period abstinence. During this time, you can increase your sexual tension by watching erotic movies or adult magazines, but without satisfying you in any way. How to Increase Sexual Tension Married couples need to look at chastity as a technique designed to spice their sexual life, not as a perversion, warns the sexologist. It is important that both partners feel that they have had something to gain from such an experience, not that one has been used for the pleasure of the other. Of course, the technique should not imply the use of a belt of chastity if one of the partners thinks it is too much for him but can only continue on the basis of mutual trust, doubled by a great deal of self-will and will. During the period of abstinence, partners can tease, make sex hints, talk about their sexual fantasies, and how they want to have sex, watch erotic movies together, etc. It is important that sexual tension grows almost unbearable, says the sexologist.

Experience report Chastity belt for men

Anyone who wants to gain experience with chastity belts and cages that can lock the cock should take a closer look at this Cock Cage. The cheapest model is made for all curious and beginners in the topic of pleasure control.

The penis cage is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 3.5 centimeters with a length of about 10 centimeters, In addition, three cock rings are included, which serve the default values ??in the sizes 4 centimeters, 4.5 centimeters and 5.5 centimeters. This penis cage is secured by a lock to which two keys are supplied. In terms of optics, the cage does not completely enclose the penis, but over various bars. Thus, at any time free insight is granted and in a continuous use can even be done cleaning the penis through the cage.

Good workmanship, comfortable to wear

The chastity belt for men has no sharp edges or corners and can therefore be used safely. Due to its special shape, which holds the penis firmly in place, but also conveys a sense of airiness due to the light lattice structure, this penis cage is perfect for beginners. The included cock rings also feel valuable processed and sit comfortably. The donning is completely easy, although it is easy even with a little practice – but that’s probably the case with all penile cages.

Slight bruising possible

The basket is not firmly attached to the cock ring – this can sometimes lead to painful bruising when some skin gets between this points. Therefore, this penile cage is not ideally suited to carry over several days and weeks. However, it can also be remedied by simply attaching the basket to the ring with the help of a screw and a thread – but even slight bruises can be well integrated into the erotic game with careless movements.

Perfect for all beginners

If you ever want to experience the feeling of total loss of control over your own sexuality, the chastity belt for men is a good start. Our favorite is characterized not only by its very reasonable price, but also by a high-quality workmanship. No edges and no burrs are visible; all parts are handled so carefully that no injuries can occur. Only the danger of slight bruising is given if some skin should get between the cock ring and the cage – however this is not a problem, if the movements are respected and the cage is only worn by the hour. Overall, it can be said that this penile cage excellent opportunity is to get a taste of the different role-playing games. It’s also worth trying out for the price. Therefore, we can accord our comparison, the chastity belt for men pronounce an unrestricted purchase recommendation.