Taking a Swing of New Sex Sling Positions for a Sexier Night with Your SO

The moments of intimacy are part of the life of an adult runner; it is a moment of total pleasure and enjoyment.Running can positively affect your relationships, and one of these benefits is the ability to perform positions that present a physical requirement a bit higher than the classic positions.

Stronger and stronger legs, strengthened core muscles and a heart accustomed to beating to the maximum are perfect ingredients for you to have greater variety in your intimate relationships.Undoubtedly, running allows some forms of intimacy that seemed impossible, to be much more possible.Therefore, below you will get some perfect positions for runners and experts recommend you to try immediately.

Why are they perfect for runners? On the one hand, they will only be possible if you are well trained and have a series of physical abilities typical of the runner.

On the other hand, it can be a good way to burn calories and do a perfect cross training session to prevent injuries and improve your performance. Although it’s probably better if you do not say this in public or they’re going to call you “freakys”. Without further words, you need to browse the following pages and discover the most beneficial positions for runners.

The Swing

Also known as the swing position, it requires some elasticity and physical strength. It is a position that will test your hips (especially your gluts). The man leans on his back with his feet resting on the floor; knees bent pointing up and lift his hips off the ground making a kind of bridge with his back leaving the woman to sit seated on top of him.The man will be responsible for the movements while she stays in balance. It is recommended to make it on the floor instead of the bed to have a more solid base.

The Sentom

The squats are an exercise known by most people. Squats shape your legs, give shape and volume to your buttocks, they are an exercise that not only requires your legs, but also a large part of the muscle groups, so it helps you burn more calories.

In this position, the man is standing and holding the woman by the back so that she is suspended in the air and surrounds him with her legs around the waist.If you are very strong, you can lower as when you do during a squat.


This position will be a challenge for both people, making it a perfect position for runner pairs or where both are trained.The woman will have to do a lot of strength with her arms, shoulders and pectorals; the man or who performs the penetration must have good strength in his legs.

Hips at Maximum

This position will be perfect for the woman or who is being penetrated; the woman should make good sit on the man and perform a good part of the movements.It will demand the most of your legs and the opening of your hips. This is really demanding position for them.

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Learn to respect the spirit of BDSM: sincerity, tolerance, openness, courtesy, respect. Remember that to be respected, one must first respect oneself and respect others.

Be aware that everyone has their own style. And never forget that your submissive partner is not inferior to you, it is complementary to you.