sexual positions

Most popular Types of sexual positions

When it comes to the sex, every person has their own requirements. Sex is really beneficial in terms of health, satisfaction and other things. If you want to relive the stress, then it would be an ideal option for you. The best sex position will provide you with enough pleasure. There are thousands of popular sexes positions are out there, but you must opt for the best. According to the American researchers, most of the people are asking favorite sex position. However, most of the people prefer doggy’s style sex position followed by 69, cowgirl and oral sex.

With the assistance of Alison’s sex blog, you can grab a lot of information regarding sex positions. However, over 35% of people prefer doggy style position because it is providing enough relaxation to female’s orgasm. Following are the most popular sex positions.

  1. Oral sex

Nowadays, people in developed countries prefer oral sex over other positions because it is associated with the stimulation of genitalia. However, as per the researcher, it is quite dangerous for the eyes. However, as per researchers, people who are doing oral sex they are suffering from the AIDS and STD. If your partner has any type of gum infections, then you shouldn’t prefer such a position.

  1. Cowgirl

Most of the girls prefer cowgirl position because it is offering enough enjoyment to them. A cowgirl will sit on the top and will able to face her lover. As per experts, while doing the sex, a boy can get easily such the boobs. Therefore, it can improve the health and stamina as well.

  1. Missionary

If you are choosing the escort services, then you must opt for the missionary position. One can achieve such a position without struggling much. You will able to enjoy the new experience.

  1. Swiss Ball blitz

In this positional, your male partner will seat on the ball. Overall, it is best potions that will add high-end bounces to the thrust. If somebody wants full enjoyment, then he/she must prefer the Swiss Ball Blitz position.

  1. The pogo stick

It would be difficult to achieve a pogo stick position because it requires more attention and power. The man will have to hold the full weight of the woman. Make sure that you are bouncing her up perfectly.

  1. Butter churner

Alison’s sex blog can be beneficial for you because it is providing a lot of information about sex positions. However, you will find plenty of sex positions, and butter churner is one of them. It is most advanced position, where a woman lies, and man has to stand. It is old-fashioned that will give more relaxation and comfort to a woman.

  1. Randy Raft

Randy raft is performing under the water. As per researchers, it is best ever sex position where you will obtain more enjoyment.

Ultimately, if you are looking for the best position, then you most read above-mentioned important points. Make sure that you are choosing the best position that will give satisfaction to you and your partner.