What to Consider When Buying Dildos for the First Time

Most people believe that dildos are massive sex tools intended only for the biggest kinksters and fetishists. However, the truth is far from that! We’ll show you what to consider when buying dildos for the first time. So keep reading to learn how to buy your first dildo and maximize your pleasure!

How to Judge the Length of a Dildo 

If you’re buying a dildo as your first sex toy, you should pick the size according to your needs. Everyone has different preferences, but one way to start is to focus on the average penis length (around five inches). The average insertable dildo length covers five, six, and up to 12 inches. Conversely, the average vagina depth is shorter than four inches.

However, if you’re totally clueless, you can measure some items that you have around the house to get an idea of the size. That can be a hairbrush, deodorant can, or even cucumber or carrot.

How to Judge the Width of a Dildo

The girth increases in accordance with the dildo length. You’ll often see a width measurement (diameter) when buying a toy.

For many people, girth is equally important as length. You may even prefer a smaller but wider dildo. With a larger width, you’ll feel much more “filled up.” Plus, the thickness will actually stimulate a higher number of your pleasure-receiving nerves. Anything from 3.5 inches and upwards will resemble the width of a real penis.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Your choice will depend on what you actually want to accomplish with the toy. If you want to penetrate your vagina and target your G-spot, you may have to experiment with a few sizes to find the perfect toy. If you’re buying a sex toy for anal play, you might opt for a long and thin dildo that makes penetration easier.

Either way, the size will depend on you. If you crave a big and thick monster to fill you up and push your limits, don’t hesitate to get the largest dong you can handle! However, remember that bigger is not always better.

If you’re completely inexperienced or you simply want a small, compact toy for light masturbation, large dildos could actually work against you. They might feel incredibly awkward. Fortunately, there really isn’t a rule saying that bigger dildos provide more pleasure. You can get off just as well with smaller sizes!

Dildos Versus Vibrators

If you’re unsure whether to pick a vibrator or dildo, note that there are some key differences between the two. These toy types do not feel identical. They can even produce different orgasms.

Typically, dildos are flexible, light, and provide a realistic feel. Their main purpose is penetration. Many of them include a suction-cup base. This allows you to stick the toy onto a flat surface and rock up and down on it.

Alternatively, vibrators are less flexible due to their internal vibrating motors. They can be shaped like a dildo or have a much smaller/thinner size (e.g., bullet vibes). Some are even curved to target the G-spot or prostate for whole-body orgasms. Plus, vibrators can handle both internal and external stimulation but are slightly more complicated due to batteries and controls.

With a dildo, you just get a straight-up cock that you can suck, lick, rub over your body, and use it to penetrate your vagina or anus. Again, your choice will depend on your preferences. If you want the best of both worlds, get a dildo for penetration and a small bullet vibe for external clitoral stimulation!

Which Material Is the Best?

Apart from the dildo size and functionality, you should also consider the material. It plays a key role in the feel, durability, and look of the toy. It’s best to choose silicone for a flexible or real-feel texture. Alternatively, glass, metal, and hard plastics will also work. All of those toy materials are non-porous and body-safe. That is, they won’t harbor bacteria while offering superb durability. Avoid inexpensive jelly rubber variants since they contain harmful substances.

Moreover, dildos are available in various shapes, textures, and colors. You can check out this collection from lovegasm. If you’re not into phallic shapes, you don’t have to buy a dildo that resembles one. You can choose one with a smooth texture that’s made out of safe silicone, hard plastic, or even metal.

Reminder: Use Lubrication

Even if you’re soaking wet, dildos will require a bit of additional lubrication to reduce friction. They are made of non-organic materials, and you should always apply some lubricant on your dildo to facilitate easier entry without any discomfort.

Lube also improves the experience, and it can enhance your pleasure. A word of warning here though: only use a dildo-friendly lubricant that won’t damage the material of your sex toy. For instance, silicone or oil-based lubricant can damage silicone or plastic toys. You can avoid damage by getting a water-based lube.


We highly recommend you experiment with a dildo and broaden your sexual horizons. So order one today and have fun!