Can Vibrators Rev Your Sex Life?

In case you’re curious about using sex toys in your bedroom, we’ll just say that you’re on the right path. Namely, a recent study showed that almost 50% of adult women in America have previous experience with a vibrator. Doctors also said that their bodies were likelier to self-lubricate, feel vaginal stimulation, and, most importantly, reach an orgasm.


So, should you be looking into them yourself? In short — yes. Our article aims to point out numerous health advantages of using such a classic sex toy. We’ll go through the ins and out of vibrator benefits as well as how you can incorporate them into your sex life and have a good time. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Why It’s Healthy to Use a Vibrator

Before we mention a sex tip or two on how to use them, it’s best to give you a broader picture first. The thing is, if you use this type of sex toy, you can explore your body without having any expectation of your partner. Vibrators will offer you to get to know yourself better as solo play doesn’t have any external pressures like actual intercourse.


Of course, what you learn about yourself can help you when you’re with an actual human in front of you. It will help you discover erogenous zones, giving guidance for further sexual activities. And since there’s a ton of vibrators to choose from, from small, clitoral ones to huge 10-inch magic wand vibrators, no part of your body will be left unsatisfied, especially if you watch porn while going at it.

But how will it benefit your relationship if you use it during solo play? Well, anything that gives you pleasure is useful later on when you’re with someone. Moreover, you don’t have to keep it to yourself. You can introduce your lover to vibrators, giving them a chance to use the toy on your body. Also, this will help you open up about sex toys in general.

Health Benefits You’ll Get from Using a Vibrator

It Can Help You Sleep Soundly

Although it might sound strange to mix sex toys and sleep, there’s a strong connection between them. The thing is, when you reach an orgasm, your body will produce a sleep-inducing hormone — prolactin. And since vibrators guarantee that you’ll experience a climax, you’re pretty much set for a good night’s sleep. Neat, isn’t it?

It Can Help You Beat Stress

It’s no secret that modern life is full of stress. Not only that, but it sometimes feels like it’s almost impossible to find peace of mind due to day-to-day struggles. No matter if it’s professional or private, stress will catch up with you. But if you can take the time to provide yourself with a one-on-one session with your vibrator, you can beat it all.


Regular orgasms help with mental health and increase your chances of feeling good. The reason for this is that your body releases oxytocin and serotonin, which we call “feel good” hormones. And if you practice masturbation every so often, you’ll get to experience them more. Therefore, it’s safe to say that vibrators help overcome stress.

Heart Benefits

Another pro of using these toys is that they’re good for your heart. One study in Israel showed that women who get to orgasm at least twice a week are less likely to suffer from coronary diseases. The stress you face every day is behind such problems, and since using a vibrato eliminates them, you’ll feel much better in that regard.

Of course, your heart isn’t resistant to other health issues. You can still have numerous problems, but you’ll at least eliminate one of them. A vibrator isn’t a magical cure that solves everything. It’s more of a small-time remedy that helps in some aspect of your life. Both physical and mental, that is.

It Can Help Keep Your Vagina Healthy

As you get older, your body begins to struggle with all sorts of physical problems. Unfortunately, your vagina is prone to such issues as well. But if you use a vibrator regularly, you can help prevent various vaginal dysfunctions as well as keep it looking young and elastic like you’re 20 something again.

Arousal helps the walls of your vagina by producing secretions. These bodily fluids keep your genitals nice and damp, which in turn provides elasticity. On the other hand, a vibrator can help with your urinary tract. Stretching your vagina will allow it to get rid of unwanted cervical fluids by flushing them out when you come.

You’ll Expand Your Pleasure Horizons

We’ve already mentioned that different types of vibrators affect you in different ways. But let’s expand on this a bit more, shall we? The thing is, they come in all shapes and sizes, pleasuring various parts of your body. For example, you can choose rabbit vibrators that have little “ears” that will concentrate on your clitoris, thus providing you with a clitoral orgasm.


They’re not just about the inside job, i.e., stimulating your pelvic floor and vaginal walls. These boys work on the outside too. Some are even meant for anal insertion, expanding your pleasure horizons even further. But if you want to get naughty with your partner, you can get a remote control one that will allow them to control all the toy settings, bringing the two of you closer than before.

How to Bring a Vibrator Into Your Bedroom

Talking about sex can be as awkward as dirty talks, not to mention a conversation about toys and gadgets. It’s just that these things are still somewhat taboo in our society. But if you show your partner how useful a toy like this is, you’ll spark great interest in them. This will further lead to exploring other possibilities that adult devices can bring into your lives.


The key to all this is to be open about it. After all, sharing and communicating are the staples of every healthy relationship out there. You shouldn’t pressure your partner into using one with you if they don’t feel like it. On the contrary, the point is to show them how useful a toy like this can be for both of you. A good vibrator isn’t the one that replaces the other partner in the bedroom. It’s just a gadget that helps couples have the best time possible. So, maybe you can start with a small vibrating cock ring or a clitoral vibrator during anal?