Why do some people think that sex toys are needed the most today?

Modern life is challenging in many ways, no doubt about it. And when someone mentions stress, most think about work. Yet, that’s not what we’re on about. We’re seeing more and more people complaining about their private lives. Moreover, whining how their sex life is either six feet under or it’s headed there.


Due to many reasons, many men and women can’t enjoy traditional fun between the sheets. However, they are giving up on their sex lives. They, instead, use sex toys to fill the void left by lackluster partner intercourse or a complete lack of it. And in the following text, we’ll try and explain this phenomenon and maybe convince you to use toys too.

You May Ask: What Is Happening?

The list of issues that explain why people need sex toys is a long and never-ending one. They can be psychological, physical, and of all other kinds. It doesn’t matter. However, some of them are more common than others, so we’ll only focus on them in the next few lines. So, let’s check these out, shall we?


  • Sex addiction makes sex toys essential. Although you might think how people struggling with this issue switch partners like underpants, it’s not really like that. Being a nympho doesn’t mean that you’re a player if you get what we mean. They, instead, rely on rabbit vibrators and anal toys to cope with their addiction.


  • Next up, we’ve got the fear of unwanted pregnancies. More and more women don’t want to become mothers. Their fear of bringing a child into this world is so great that they don’t risk actual intercourse with men. Instead, they opt to use sex toys and fill the gap left by the lack of penile penetration.


  • Another common reason that proves how important sex toys are is that people who have suffered sexual assault would rather use them instead of being intimate with a partner. In most cases, it comes down to trauma. Therefore, they reach orgasm with faux penises and other adult gadgets.


  • The fourth reason that comes to mind is sexual isolation. Again, because of whatever reason, people can’t connect with partners, so they use toys. It can be depression, low self-esteem, or anything else. Either way, they prefer toys.


How People Struggle With These Ideas

As we’ve said. Modern life is full of stress. It’s practically lurking around every corner. And as such, it takes a toll on us, affecting both our physical and mental health, and of course, our sexual health. These issues manifest in many ways, including medical conditions like sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and depression, which can be pretty hard to beat.


On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for couples to face difficulties. And that’s okay. It happens to most. Luckily, sex toys can help, and that’s why they are common accessories in many bedroom drawers in households nowadays. Partners willingly use sex toys for couples, hoping to spice their relationship up and lift it back on its feet.

How Sex Toys Solve the Problem

Sex toys are not just about achieving orgasms. They are much more than that. In essence, they are remedies for all sorts of sexual problems. Be it loneliness or a gaping lust for more kink in your life, adult products, gadgets, and toys can solve anything if you allow them. From anal play fantasies to cock rings and clitoral stimulation, everything is possible with the right toy by your side in bed. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


Picture it like this. You have a dying wish to experience anal, but you don’t have anyone who can provide you with the pleasure. Do you forget about it? Nope! That’s not possible. The thought keeps coming back to you. So, you solve the problem by purchasing a set of anal beads or plugs. You lube your A-hole and start with the smallest toy. And before you know it, your anus is one big gaping hole, swallowing even the biggest of plugs/beads with ease.

Does That Make Sex Toys Essential Already?

For some time now, both men and women have been more than comfortable sharing information about how they use sex toys. It’s no longer taboo. Well, at least not since Sex and the City started airing in the early 2000s. Ever since then, most women who consider themselves independent and urban would openly talk about using vibrators. Hence, you could say HBO played a bigger role in the sexual revolution than all NGOs out there.


But after all this talk, you might think how there’s no normal life without sex toys. Well, you’re right. Life isn’t worth living without a good ol’ dildo by your bed. Just kidding! This is pretty subjective. For some people, adult toys and gadgets don’t come into consideration at all because they are happy with what they have. However, on the flip side, some simply can’t get enough of them as they’ve changed their lives for the better.

Let’s Hear It From Them

Before we leave you, we’d like to share a couple of testimonies from two of our friends who enjoy sex toys more than the rest. So, hear them out, will you?

Susie’s Best Friend Bob

“I can’t last one day without playing with my best friend, Bob. Yep! Bob is my giant, veiny dildo. I’ve had my silicone penis for almost a decade now. And if I’m being completely honest, I don’t know how I lived without it all these years. After the divorce, my self-esteem went downhill. I thought no man would ever want to touch me again. It made my life a living hell. Luckily, after my close friend suggested buying a sex toy, my whole life turned around. And no, not just my sex. Because of my dildo, my mental state is far better than it was, and I have no problem flirting with guys anymore.” — Susan

Guys Love ‘em Too

“I’m aware that most sex toys are for women. That’s okay with me. We guys have it easier anyway. However, I admit I’m enjoying them too. Particularly my penis ring. I was hypersexual for most of my life, and it led me to numerous problems, both personal and professional. But ever since my wife and I decided to try out male chastity, I can concentrate fully on both being a better husband, father, and car dealership owner. But don’t worry — I still get some poontang. Well, at least when Jenny says so.” — Mike